Dog Training Classes

Barley’s will be offering specialty training courses in 2015. We are joining forces with Joe Dickinson from WSK9CO and will hold a two hour seminar once per month on a specific topic such as: Dog Socialization, Recall (come), Games and Tricks, Leash Walking, Nose Work and Rattlesnake Awareness. Dogs are welcome at these hands-on seminars and the cost is $150 per handler/dog. The classes will be held every 3rd Monday of the month. The topic for the January seminar will be announced this week.
Starting in February we will begin a 6 week course on basic obedience training. This is a great course for all the juvenile pups that need a little help with their manners, or any dog for that matter. The cost will be $150 for the entire course and held once per week in one hour sessions, more details to follow. Let us know if you are interested in signing up and if there are any specific training techniques you would like us to add to the agenda this year!