Meet the Satff


From a young age, Andrea has had a great passion for working with animals. She enjoyed training and showing Arabian horses for several years with her family.  Since 2009 she has volunteered with Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue and in 2011 became the Foster Director. She enjoys serving on the Board of Directors for the Rescue as well as overseeing the Behavior Team. Her Desire to help animals has led her to be a firm believer and practitioner in holistic medicine and massage as an aid to treat dogs. Currently, her own pack includes 3 Danes, including a foster with Wobbler’s Disease and a beautiful Doberman who just turned 9.  As a pet advocate, Andrea is very excited to be on the team of such an innovative facility as Barley’s!


Hi my name is Annette! I love working with dogs in all types of activities swimming, hiking, you name it. When I’m not with the dogs I’m out on a bike or at Lake Powell exploring a canyon or watching my husband fish. I’m excited to be at Barleys and see some expert dog swimming skills.


Tami was born in Denver, Colorado and when she was a child, her mom would drive her through the neighborhood while Tami pointed out houses and told her mom that her friends lived there. Her mom thought she was very popular, until she realized all Tami’s friends were dogs! Tami’s very first job was exercising horses. Since then she has received her associate degree in Veterinarian Technology and has had various internships at veterinary hospitals. She worked at Salt Lake County Animal Services for 4 years as the Lead Animal Care Specialist before teaming up with Barley’s. Tami also went to school for pet grooming and has been a pet groomer for the last 8 years. She has not only worked with dogs and cats, but also racoons, deer, eagles, badgers, bats, alligators, bobcats and other exotics. She has always had a deep love and respect for all animals, and calls them her friends before most people. Tami is also a mother to two beautiful daughters and two sweet dogs named Dragon and Alfie.


Suzy grew up in a small country town in Northern California where a girl’s dogs are truly her best friends. Her experience with 4-H, FFA and volunteering with the Humane Society only fueled the fire for her to pursue a career in animal health and behavior. Suzy earned her license to work as a Veterinary Technician while working at a veterinary clinic for small animals and exotic pets. Shortly after, she continued her studies and career path in Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine as a Cytology/Histology Technician. Still feeling unfulfilled, and noting an increase in pet surrenders and a common disconnect between owners and pets, Suzy began her work in animal behavior and dove feet first into animal rescue. She made it her goal to help others find the kind of connection she’s known with her pets, through education, training, recreation, health and wellness and finding the right dog. Barley’s was an exciting opportunity Suzy could not resist! It allows her to further explore natural/holistic pet care, and share information with owners to help build that incredible, unbreakable bond – even with everyone’s busy schedules! Suzy shares her home (and sometimes bed space) with Husky/Malamute mix, Kila, and Shar Pei/Chihuahua mix, Jeepers Creepers. Also, two non fur-kids at a mature(if you ask them!) ten and eleven years old, who enjoy working with their Mom and helping neighbors with dog sitting and walks!


Hi I’m Carrie! Born and raised in Utah, I’ve had dogs since I was a young girl. Started with small house dogs then moved into larger hunting breeds. I have a very soft spot for the older dogs who need a little more loving care and attention. Dogs have been a huge part of my life, hunting and training together with my family.


Zoë grew up in a small town in the state of Vermont where there are more cows than people. She grew up on a farm riding horses for as long as she could remember. Now she is taking that love for horses and becoming a Horse-Assisted Therapist once she graduates Westminster College with a Special Education degree. Zoe doesn’t just love horses, but she loves all animals and has worked in the rescue/shelter world since she was little, then started fostering once having her own place. Zoe shares her life and adventures, on and off the horse, with her two dogs Samba (Akbask/Aussie) and Sabali (American Shaffy Mix) and of course and bunny named Mo.


Kenzie has lived in Utah her whole life. When she was young she used to walk around on all fours and pretend she was a puppy to convince her mom to let her have one. After having lizards, fish, cats, and snakes she finally got her first dog when she was four. His name was Rover and her family had adopted him from the pound. Coincidentally he was the same age! They became best friends almost instantly and went everywhere together. Kenz always had a love for animals, but after having Rover for almost twenty years, she knew her purpose in life revolved around them. After hearing about Barley’s, she started volunteering there. Which then led to working there because she loved it so much. Now she gets to spend time with a bunch of pups and their silly personalities on a daily basis. Her house is slowly gathering more fur children by the day but as of now she has three mischievous cats, and one feisty little Jack Russel terrier mix named Ygritte. All of which her and her partner adore.


My name is Taylor, I’m currently in school working towards a degree in Healthcare Administration. I enjoy spending my time at concerts, in the pool, hanging out in Moab or on the hunt to find dogs to pet and play with.