Indoor Dog Swimming Pool

Barley’s Canine Recreation Center offers recreational swimming seven days a week! Bring your pooch in to swim at Salt Lake City’s first and only fresh water, heated, public, indoor dog swimming pool. We offer a 21′ x 41′ pool and to ensure high standards of hygiene, our water management system filters, heats and sanitizes the water through a circulation pump, a specially designed in-line electric heater and a high-rate sand filtration system. Dogs will love the pool built just for them where they can play and take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of staying healthy and active.

We ask our clients to complete the Client Intake form  and Liability Agreement  before scheduling a first time swim orientation with a BCRC representative on their first visit.  Please call (801)467-6069 to schedule your first visit for orientation and make sure to bring a copy of your pooch’s vaccination certificate with you.  We require proof of current vaccinations for rabies, distemper, parvo and Bordetella.  Barley’s requires the vaccinations to be administered by a licensed veterinarian’s office.  Titers test results from within a year of the test date are acceptable for Distemper and Parvo. The forms may also be faxed to (801)467-2219.  No appointment necessary for unassisted open swim times after the first visit!

There is an initial first time visit orientation swim fee (up to two dogs, same household) for $25. Please call to schedule your orientation visit.  After the initial visit, there is a swim fee per dog or you can purchase a discounted swim package.  See details on the orientation and swim packages below.

Doggy life vests are available for those dogs just learning to swim or those needing a little support.  We also provide towels for your convenience.  If you have towels you would like to donate to the rec center, please bring ’em by!

FYI – You will get wet! Adjust your wardrobe accordingly.  Like all public pools, we must have rules for safety and enjoyment for all.  Refer to our Pool Rules prior to visiting.

Open Swim Fees

  • $25 initial visit orientation swim fee (up to two dogs, same household). Please call (801)467-6069 to schedule the first visit.
  • After the orientation, if additional assistance is needed, the rate for dog swimming lessons is $25 for the 1st dog, $17 for each additional dog, per visit (same household). Please call to schedule an appointment.
  • After the initial visit, if additional assistance is not needed, the drop-in open swimming rate is $17.00 for the first dog and $16.00 for each additional dog (same household).
  • 30 minute time limit for First Time Swim and Assisted Swim sessions.

Open Swim Packages

  • 10 swims $150
  • 20 swims $275
  • Monthly Unlimited $110 per month, add $30 for extra dog in the same household
  • 6 Month Unlimited $85 per month, add $30 for extra dog in the same household
  • 12 Month Unlimited $60 per month, add $30 for extra dog in the same household

**The number of humans and dogs we allow during group swimming is limited.  We are currently offering 30 minute private swims or semi-private swims (limit of 3 people) or 60 minute group swims (limit of 6 people), by reservation only, available 7 days per week**.

Swimming Options:

Semi Private = 30 minute sessions for up to 3 clients. There may be up to 4 dogs in the session.  1 open swimming pass or $17 covers one dog for 30 minutes. Additional passes or 2nd dog rates apply for extra dogs. Deck space is limited so please be mindful of the number of people attending as to not have more than one handler per dog.   Reservation only, unlimited swim memberships apply at no extra charge.

Open Swim = 60 minute sessions for up to 6 clients. 1 open swimming pass or $17 covers one dog for 60 minutes. Additional passes or 2nd dog rates apply for extra dogs. One handler allowed per dog. Reservation only, unlimited swim memberships apply at no extra charge.

Reserved Swim = 30 minute private sessions for 1 dog. 1 reserved swim pass or $25 covers 30 minutes. Add another pass or charge another $25 for 2-3 dogs. Additional dogs (4 or more) add $5 each. Reservation only, no open swim packages or unlimited swim memberships would apply (Reserved prices and packages only).

Swimming Hours:

Monday –
Reserved Swimming (30 min, 1 client): 11a-1p
Open Swim (60 min, 6 Clients): 2p-5p
Semi Private (30 min, 3 clients): 5p-6p

Tuesday/Thursday –
Reserved Swimming: 11a-1p
Semi Private 2p-4p
Open Swim 4p-7p

Wednesday –
Reserved Swimming all day: 11a-1p; 3p-7p

Friday –
Semi Private: 11a-1p
Open Swim 2p-5p
Reserved 5p-6p

Saturday –
Reserved: 10a-11a; 4p-5p
Semi private: 11a-1p
Open Swim 2p-4p

Sunday – closed

Please call or shoot an email to [email protected] to get your name listed for the swim sessions so we can eliminate having people wait in the lobby. Give us a call when you arrive to the parking lot so we can check you in over the phone and give you the ‘ok’ to enter through the pool door.

Questions? Call us at (801)467-6069 or contact us.

Please Note: Only BCRC staff members are allowed in the pool with the dogs and only healthy dogs are allowed to use the recreational pool.  All post-surgical dogs and dogs weakened by injury or old age require a veterinarian clearance prior to using the recreational pool.  If your dog is compromised in any way please obtain clearance prior to using the recreational pool.

Reserved Swim

Please call ahead to confirm pool availability and reservation status.  Reservations can be made in 30 minute increments.

Reserved Swim Fees

  • 30 minutes – $25 per dog
  • 30 minutes – $25 to add 2-3 dogs  
  • 30 minutes – $5 each to add 4 or more dogs

Request a reservation

Reserved Swim Packages

  • 5 swims $120
  • 10 swims $230
  • 20 swims $420

Puppy Swimming

Have a new pup that you would like to introduce to swimming?  Barley’s has a puppy swimming class every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6pm.  It is a fun way to familiarize your new best friend with the pool setting as well as socialize with other puppies of the same age and size.  The session lasts one hour and all puppies up to the age of 8 months are invited.

Please call ahead to confirm availability and reservation status.

  • $17 per session

Request a reservation

Private Parties

Schedule your own doggie party, whether it’s a birthday, a celebration, holiday or just for fun! Space is available by appointment only.

Private pool parties can be booked during reserved pool time.  Please call us to discuss prices and availability at (801)467-6069 or contact us.