Fall 2017 Dog Training Classes at Barley’s!

Happy Almost Fall Everyone! We are pleased to announce our lineup of dog training classes and workshops for the beginning of the fall season! Please give us a call, email, text or stop by to sign up or find out more information!

Rattlesnake Aversion Training: We are super excited to announce that we will be offering the rattlesnake aversion training again here at Barley’s!  Due to the retirement of our previous trainer, Web Parton, our very own Mike Parmley will be conducting the training.  Mike trained under Web during the last month he was in Utah and is looking forward to providing this service at our facility.  Please refer to rattlesnakealert.com for more information about the training and instructions on how to sign up. You can also email Mike directly at [email protected] or call him at (801)598-0232. Upcoming training dates:

-Friday, September 8th 6:15pm

-Saturday, September 9th at 4:15pm

-Sunday, September 10th at 3:15pm

-Saturday, September 16th at 4:15pm

Advanced Skills/Canine Good Citizen Prep Class: Saturdays at 11am starting September 23rd. Come join Tanja in a class designed to help you and and your dog take your skills to the next level. Building on commands they already know, this class will help prepare you to take the Canine Good Citizen Test, as well as develop the confidence to have your dog in dog friendly public places. Class is $125 for 5 weeks. All dogs will have the opportunity to test for the CGC, CCGA, or CGCU at the end of class. Test price is included in class fee.

Connecting With Your Canine: Saturdays at 9:30am starting September 23rd. Tanja has built a class full of exercises such as focus, coming when called, walking politely on a leash and more in addition to fun tricks that can be used to enhance the bond between you and your canine companion. Class is $125 for 5 weeks.

Recall Workshop: Tuesday, September 19th at 7:30pm. Teach your dog to come to you, every time, even with high distractions! This workshop is building on your dog’s current recall, while adding distractions to teach your dog that your are more exciting than whatever else is around. $25 per dog.

Dock Jumping Workshop: Sunday, September 24th at 12:00pm and Wednesday, October 11th at 5:00pm. Come learn the tips and tricks to get your dog jumping from the side of the pool and gather information about the sport of dock diving and all it has to offer your dog! $25 per dog, per workshop. Choice of either one at sign up.

Off Leash Workshop: Sunday, September 24th at 1:30pm. Meet us at Parley’s Nature Preserve Trail for an afternoon walk while working on recall, boundary setting and more for your off leash pup with a Barley’s Trainer right next to you every step of they way. Workshop is $25 per dog.

4 on the Floor Workshop: Thursday, September 28th at 7:30pm. Jumpers wanted! Does your dog greet new people with their feet instead of their nose? This workshop will help your dog learn that keeping all 4 feet on the ground is more rewarding that jumping on people or counters! Workshop $25 per dog.

Building Boundaries Workshop: Tuesday, October 3rd at 7:30pm.  As much as we love our four legged companions, sometimes we just need some space. This workshop will help you teach your dog boundaries, whether it’s to stay away from the table and not beg, stay on their side of the couch and not on top of you, learn how to wait to walk through doorways and more. Workshop is $25 per dog.

Loose Leash Workshop: Tuesday, October 10th at 7:30pm. Does your dog pull you when you’re on a walk, or when they see another dog? This workshop is built to help teach those excessive pullers learn how to walk nicely, without dragging you down the street. Workshop is $25 per dog.

Reactive Dog Workshop: Thursday, October 12th at 7:30pm. Does your dog bark at other dogs or people when they’re on leash? Are they just so excited to see other dogs or people they won’t listen to you or stay with you? This workshop is all about learning how to handle your dog when they are lunging and barking at other dogs instead of walking with you. Workshop is $25 per dog.

Social Night: Tuesday, October 17th at 7:30pm. We will be hosting a play and train group geared towards socialization with training included for adult dogs too, not just puppies! Cost is $25 per dog for the hour. All dogs will need to have passed a Behavioral Assessment at Barley’s prior to attendance. Dogs 6 months and older only please.