Puppy Training Classes

-Puppy 1: The next beginning puppy training class will begin on Saturday July 16th and will meet for four consecutive weeks at 9:30 am. This course is designed for puppies up to 4 months old. The rabies vaccination is not required. This class will lay the foundation for raising a well behaved pup and will cover sit, down, place, wait, socializing, potty training, jumping, chewing, biting and any other issues the little curious ones are experiencing.

-Puppy 2: The next class will begin on July 11th and will meet every Monday at 7:30 pm. This course is designed for puppies 4-8 months old. The class will build on the foundation from Puppy 1 training and cover more advanced skills by adding distractions to sit, down, place, social manners, leash manners and recall.