We have two fantastic upcoming dog training workshops coming up this month:

October 20th @ 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Feisty Fido Workshop $30
Does your sweet, friendly pooch turn into Cujo once the leash is on? Barking, lunging, displaying scary out of control behavior at the sight of other dogs or people? Leash Reactivity is an increasing problem with companion dogs, and one that is frequently misunderstood. Reactive behavior is often mislabeled as aggression – leading to improper training techniques and less and less time outside of the home. A downward spiral… but not one that can’t be undone!
Getting out for walks and adventures can be a huge challenge for those who have leash reactive dogs. This workshop will cover behavior modification information to help owners of leash reactive dogs understand the behavior, what causes it, and how to develop a plan to help them shake off those Cujo-like behaviors, making walks with your dog as pleasant and stress free as they are supposed to be!  This workshop is just for the humans, no dogs please.

October 20th @ 4pm-5pm
Intro to Nose Work $30
Dogs love to read the world using their nose, that’s just how they roll. The activity/sport of nose work isn’t “work” at all for dogs, it’s the love of their life, and they want to introduce YOU to all they can do! Join us at Barley’s for an intro class on K9 Nose Work, learn about your dog’s olfactory world and how you can use this natural instinct to boost playtime, alone-time and training time for all dogs of any age and any breed.
Class requirements: Collar or harness w/6’ lead. No previous obedience classes necessary.

Call today to reserve your spot! 801-467-6069